Arglass was conceived based on our fervent belief that the glass industry was due for a major makeover. Glass is the most environmentally sound consumer package – but for years the industry had failed to put the customer first. Both its processes and its attitude had to modernize.

So we created Arglass with the clear objective to use innovation, technology and unconventional thinking to break with the traditional paradigms in glass container production and commercialization.

With Arglass, you don’t dance to our music. We dance to yours. We prize agility and fluidity so that we can tailor our work to meet customers’ needs and consumers’ demands.

Our one-of-a-kind plant has been purpose-built to allow us to respond in real time to today’s highly dynamic and fast-changing consumer environment (while not giving an inch in terms of efficiency and quality).


We were born to fix the constraints and limitations that make the US glass container market a painful chore, especially for small and mid-sized brands. We've broken with the outdated concepts and practices plaguing the industry and brought fresh thinking to all aspects of design, production and customer service.

Product Design

Working with Arglass means that the days of choosing from a limited selection of cookie-cutter designs are over. With Arglass, producers can unshackle their imaginations and realize their vision to the fullest. Our globally recognized production and design team works in concert with yours to develop original containers that present products in their best light.

Development time

By placing customer needs at the center of our operational design, we achieve a faster response time than other manufacturers. We can work with your marketing and design teams to take your design from sketchpad to bottle in as little as sixteen weeks. With Arglass, producers no longer need to waste valuable time waiting for imported containers to arrive from Asia, Mexico, Europe or anywhere else.

Bottle DNA

Arglass is the first and only plant in the world to offer a traceability system for all of our products throughout the entire supply chain.

Every one of our bottles and jars is individually identified within our proprietary Bottle DNA™ system. Our system gives us and our customers the ability to trace any individual container and tie it to all of its production parameters.

Bottle DNA™ serves to guarantee quality, provide traceability and make future production more consistent and efficient. Arglass’ Bottle DNA™ can also be used by our clients to trace their products once they’ve been distributed in the market.