In an industry largely focused on products that require long production runs, we offer the glass container market a superior alternative based on our three principles: Flexibility, Efficiency and Sustainability.




The plant has been designed and optimized from the ground up to achieve a high degree of flexibility without sacrificing efficiency.

Our plant design, based on the “European model” of highly flexible plants, will allow us to produce both small and large runs at competitive prices.

Arglass is investing in best-in-class, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, including innovative quality assurance systems which allow for greater automation, quality control and process management.





We designed the plant so that downtimes due to change of molds or colors are minimized. Our plant will:

  • Be capable of efficiently producing from two to twelve sections in double and triple gob configurations.

  • Offer a wide range of glass colors thanks to its feeder coloring capabilities eliminating the need for color campaigns.

In addition, we will have full in-house decoration capabilities to improve efficiency, reduce handling and logistics costs, thus optimizing time to market.




Arglass will operate a state of the art oxy-fuel furnace with best-in class environmental controls for a reduced environmental footprint. Our plant has been designed to achieve air emission levels that are significantly lower than the most stringent requirements set by the EPA.

Closed loop water systems eliminate almost 99% of water consumption, which prevents process water going into the waste stream, in compliance with Arglass’ sustainability principles.

Arglass is continuously working to increase the use of cullet, which is an integral part of our sustainability model.

Arglass will transform the glass container market in the United States by creating a network of next-generation manufacturing plants that will be at the same time Flexible, Efficient and Sustainable.

Arglass plans to be the plant of choice for the spirits and beverage industries.


As the first new glass plant in America in over a generation, Arglass is born to serve those customers whose needs for flexibility, efficiency and customization are not being met by legacy U.S. manufacturers or foreign glass suppliers.

The plant has been designed taking into account the best available proven technology and layout to provide for high quality, highly flexible and efficient production.

Production capacity: 100,000 metric tons per year / 265,000,000 units per year


Aerial perspective

Aerial perspective

Entry perspective

Entry perspective


Arglass has started construction of its first glass container plant in August 2019.


Key milestones:

  1. Construction kick-off: August 12, 2019

  2. Furnace start-up: Q4 2020

  3. Full operation: Q1 2021


Groundbreaking has begun with the clearing and grading of the plot. The plot will eventually accommodate two furnaces.

Groundbreaking has begun with the clearing and grading of the plot. The plot will eventually accommodate two furnaces.

Arglass' new glass plant site.


Arglass has selected Valdosta, Georgia, as the location of its first plant.


Within easy reach of the primary spirits producing regions in the country, improving lead times and logistics costs.