Our Plant

The first new plant to be built in America in a generation, Arglass’ Georgia facility is without a doubt the most technologically and environmentally advanced facility in existence.

We’ve installed the latest state-of-the-art equipment and configured it according to a distinct layout to inject maximum flexibility and responsiveness into our production process.

Our plant is capable of producing and automatically packaging up to six different high-quality glass container designs simultaneously.


Metric tons per year


Units per year


Different products simultaneously


Of recycled water consumption


Less NOx emissions than other regional glass plants


In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, our plant has been designed and built with best-in-class environmental controls. Our latest-generation Oxy-fuel furnace uses natural gas and electricity to achieve record-setting energy efficiency. The plant also operates closed loop industrial water systems, which completely eliminates industrial water discharge. And we maintain strict control of our air pollution levels; our emissions fall well below even the most stringent EPA requirements.