Arglass is a privately held American company focused on meeting the needs of the United States market.

Arglass was born with Sustainability as one of our three founding principles. Everything we do is focused on reducing our environmental footprint and increasing the sustainability of our products. At Arglass, Sustainability is not simply a claim. It’s permanently, actively undergirds everything we do. Our plant has been outfitted with environmental control systems that exceed existing regulatory requirements, from the use of oxygen to reduce NOx to the latest generation ceramic candle filtration system for our emissions. We also employ closed-loop water systems, which allow us to meet 100% of the plant's water needs with recycled, multi-use water.

Our plant is located in Valdosta, a laid-back, friendly town in an area of South Georgia known for its breathtaking natural beauty. We’re close to forests, rivers, lakes, and beaches, while offering many of the cultural amenities of urban living.

Yes! Our experienced design team works with our customers to find the best industrial design for their needs. We work according to proprietary methodologies that integrate design and production teams to create the boldest, most eye-catching way to present your product.

Arglass is the first and only plant in the world to offer the Bottle DNA™ system. Each bottle we make is identified with a unique Bottle DNA™ tag that allows us to track and monitor it throughout its life at our facility and lets our clients do the same once it leaves the plant.

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