Welcome to Arglass: We make bottles on your terms.

Your Bottle Is Your Calling Card

Whether you’re a small-batch distiller, a start-up producer, a long-standing household name, or something in between, we all know that it’s what’s inside the bottle that counts.

But here’s something else we all recognize: it’s your container that makes the first impression. It sets you apart – on the shelf, and in the mind of your customers.

And for too long, the big-time container manufacturers have treated producers as an afterthought.

Not anymore. Welcome to Arglass.

Our Core Values

The glass container industry is dominated by manufacturers that cater to the behemoths. That means you have to put in bigger orders than you want. Tolerate long runs. And endure delay after delay.

But with Arglass, you get:

  • Just about any shape.
  • Just about any color.
  • No large-volume requirements.
  • Exactly what you want. Imagine that!

With our brand-new next-generation US-based plant, Arglass is out to change everything about the way bottlers, distillers and food manufacturers – from small and mid-sized producers to the largest companies in their industry – create best-in-class bottles and containers.

Our Founding Principles



We pride ourselves on being lean, nimble and responsive to our customers’ needs, no matter how rapidly they might change. Shape, color, size, quantity: we’re in business to say yes.



Our new plant is built to optimize everything about glass container production, from new product design to energy consumption. We produce the highest quality containers with the most efficient use of time and resources (both ours and yours).



As focused as we are on what we produce, we’re equally concerned with how we produce it.

Sustainability is one of our founding principles because manufacturing the highest quality glass containers means using the best technology to reduce our environmental impact, eliminate industrial waste water, minimize energy consumption, and use renewable and recycled materials throughout the manufacturing process.

At Arglass, we share our clients’ commitment to high quality products and smooth, efficient, sustainable processes.